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HAIR MAGAZINE caught up with The Big Blow Out winner, Vicki Anne Hoskin, owner of The Grove Studio in Cornwall:

What did you learn from The Big Blowout?
I learned just to have fun and let a different creative side of me out. I think before going on the show I put myself in a colour box without realising that I have potential as an all-rounder. The show really allowed me to unleash a different creative side of me and a skill set that I never even knew I had.

How has going on The Big Blowout affected your work? Have you attracted more clients from being on the show?
Since the show I’ve been busier than ever. I’m still based in my small studio in Cornwall which I love and that won’t go anywhere. But I’ve been given so many opportunities so I’m really excited to see what lies ahead and for 2023.
I was very fortunate that before I went on the show I was already fully booked, however I have had an influx of new client enquiries and have now have a waiting list which is great.

Did you feel a lot of pressure on your career by going on The Big Blowout?
I didn’t really feel any pressure if I’m being honest. I auditioned for the show as I thought that it would be a really fun opportunity to meet other people working in the industry and to learn, grow and challenge myself. I didn’t put any pressure on myself thinking ‘I’m in it to win it’, for me it was all about the experience and the people that I got to meet along the way. It was a really cool experience and something that I didn’t feel like I could turn down.

Did you disagree with any of the comments the judges made on your looks?
I didn’t disagree with any of the comments that the judges made on the looks. I think that our looks were so subjective and it was a bit like looking at a piece of art, everyone will see something different in it. You can’t get upset because someone doesn’t like something, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I took all of the comments onboard, the good, the bad and the ugly. It was all about growth, so if the judges didn’t like something I’d done, the feedback that they gave was invaluable and all part of me growing as a stylist.

What was your favourite challenge?
My favourite challenge was the colour challenge. Colour is my safety net, it’s what I do on a daily basis but it was so much fun to be able to experiment with bolder colours – something I don’t get to do in the salon as much as I’d like to.

What was your favourite look you created on The Big Blowout and why?
I adored doing the ram look, I live on a farm in Cornwall and I help out with lambing during lambing season when I’m not hairdressing. I’m super patriotic and proud of where I’ve come from and I felt that this look really represented me and who I am – I even got to add a little bit of Cornish tartan. My look that I did on the passing on my niece was really special and close to my heart and I really wanted to do something to raise awareness of leukodystrophy.

What changes do you think The Big Blowout has had on the hairdressing industry now that consumers have had in insight to the Avant Garde side of hairdressing?
I think it’s changed a lot. A lot of my clients really enjoyed watching the creative side of hairdressing, it’s something that they don’t get to see in the salon. I think it’s made people appreciate hairdressing more, it’s not just a craft, it’s an art and there are so many things that you can do with hair. I think the sculptural side of hairdressing has been overlooked, my clients loved seeing the Avant Garde side of hairdressing. I think before the show they thought it was a bit weird but the show has shown the passion, creativity and skill that goes into creating these looks. I definitely think that the show has made people in general appreciate the art of hair.

Do you prefer photographic or salon work?
Both have a place in my life. Salon life is my day-to-day bread and butter and I don’t think that will change. I love my clients and being in the studio. Photographic work for me is an opportunity to release my creative work which is something I don’t always get to do in the salon, it allows me to push myself and try new things.

Is the Big Blowout something you would recommend other hairdressers to take part in and why?
Absolutely. As long as you’re not afraid of hard work and working under pressure. It was an amazing experience, I met friends for life and to be able to work with two incredible judges who essentially mentor you for those eight weeks – that’s something money can’t buy. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and something I will cherish for life. Hairdressers, if you’re down for fun, lots of laughs and a bloody good time it’s definitely worth applying for.

How did you feel when you WON!
I was so overwhelmed, I cried for ages. It was almost like a release; we’d been filming for what felt like forever. It was magic, I’ve never had a feeling like it before and I entered the show for the experience, I wasn’t going in thinking that I would win.

What’s your next step in your career?
I’m just going to roll with the punches and see what the universe has in store for me. I’m enjoying riding the wave and I’m excited to see what happens next – that being said if strictly are looking for a hair stylist I am available so give me a call.

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