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What exactly is the ‘butterfly cut’? Celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham tells us what it is and why you need to try it!
“A few minutes on TikTok and you’re bound to come across the iconic butterfly cut that’s taking the internet by storm just now. An updated take on the classic ‘Rachel’ style from Friends and the classic 90’s layering look that we all love again. You may have heard of the Octopus cut and essentially the butterfly is *almost* the same but with a few tweaks.

“The key is choppy layers and long hair to create this gorgeous shape that’s super versatile. This stylish hair cut requires short and long layers. Layers around your jaw line to frame your face and layers below your shoulders to create contrast and movement throughout.

“So who is this TikTok signature cut for? Anyone who wants their hair to appear thicker and fuller without losing any length from their hair.

To style this cut, you will want a high quality texturising spray and/or volumising product. I love the Color WOW Raise the Root volumiser and the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day to give texture and definition.

“If you’re going for an up do – take inspiration from this Kim K 2022 style. Piling your layers up like this gives a gorgeous shape and the face framing pieces fall perfectly!”

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