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The Wild Science Lab Head First CBD haircare range has sold out… AGAIN! With a scalp first approach to truly healthy hair, here’s all the reasons you should join the waitlist… trust us, your hair will thank you!

Head First contains CBD… a healthy hair innovation…

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has the ability to improve hair health, and in particular scalp health by reducing inflammatory conditions like an itchy scalp, eczema and dandruff. Wild Science Labs’ Head First collection contains the highest dose of the purest form of CBD, to soothe sore scalps and promote healthy hair growth for all hair types. Compounds from the hemp plant, from which CBD is taken, are able to connect to certain receptors inside our bodies and help regulate our inflammatory responses. CBD also contains fatty acids which are known for their nourishing abilities and encouraging healthy follicle function.

The range is kind to scalps

While most conventional haircare takes a traditional approach to formulating products for strong, healthy strands, Wild Science Lab is proud to take a scalp first approach. By understanding that that a compromised scalp can lead to bacterial and fungal infections, the brand’s haircare collection focuses on really nourishing the scalp. Each of the products in the Head First range is formulated with efficacious ingredients that are 90% natural and are proven to nourish, strengthen, fortify and protect. The results? Hair that is smooth, shiny and resilient from root to tip.

Plant power helps with mane maintenance

The Head First range utilises hardworking plant extracts and essential oils such as kahai, hemp seed and carrot tissue oils to restore balance and hydration to the scalp. In doing so, hair is naturally softer, stronger, shinier, and less prone to breakage.

Wild Science Lab Leaf + Seed Head First Scalp Relief Shampoo, £24.00, 300ml

A gentle shampoo for everyday use containing 120mg Pure CBD, organic hemp seed oil and aloe vera to stimulate hair growth, nourish the scalp and boost vitality, volume and strength.

The shampoo provides an average of 4-6 mg of CBD per wash (assuming a wash amount is 10-15ml). This amount allows the perfect foundation for hair health to flourish.

Wild Science Lab Leaf + Seed Head Way Scalp Recovery Conditioner, £26.00, 250ml

A daily conditioner with 500mg Pure CBD, organic hemp seed oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and avocado oil to restore hydration, balance the scalp and build stronger strands.

The conditioner provides an average 20-30 mg of CBD per wash (assuming a treatment amount is 10-15ml). This amount nurtures the optimal conditions for scalp and hair health to thrive, strengthen and grow.

Wild Science Lab Leaf + Seed Head Strong Hair Defence Strengthening Serum, £35.00, 50ml

Combining 250mg Pure CBD with organic hemp seed oil, avocado oil, kahai oil, olive oil, moringa oil, radish seed extract, rosemary leaf extract, and sunflower seed oil, this fortifying formula helps re-establish equilibrium, add hydration and calm irritation.


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