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Every head of curls is different – in texture, shape and versatility.   Curly haired clients know the importance of a great haircut as it can make or break a hairstyle.   And now, the curly fringe is the must-have to update their look in an instant.

Sam Ashcroft, member of the creative team at Brooks & Brooks, London, says rather than one size fits all, a more individual approach is required, especially as one head can have varying different techniques.  “We know that a little goes a long way when cutting curly hair and creating a shape can last months.   Traditionally fringes and curly hair have been thought of as a big no, but times are changing and we think curly fringes are a great way of giving you an easy cool-girl style.”

There’s a plethora of fringe styles that suit curly hair – anything super wide to short and micro will look great.  And while you’re waiting for your next trim, you can have fun with head bands in between the cuts.  For Spring 2021, the longer fringe is perfect for curls, skimming the eyebrows and blending into the sides.

Stevie Nicks may have been the original muse, but celebrities such as Zendaya, Lily Collins, Beyonce and Clara have been rocking the look lately.

Check out Sam Ashcroft at  @brookshair


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