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It’s official the full front fringe is back – but there are various shapes and forms – what fringe suits which face shape/hair type – and what’s the hottest look this spring!


“It’s all about the bold fringe this season”, says Suzie McGill @ Rainbow Room International.   “Think blunt, statement fringes that really bring attention to your eyes (especially good as we are all wearing masks!)  To ensure this look is as sleek as possible, ask your hairdresser to cut your fringe just above the eyebrow level. Cut straight, this will create a block-like shape.

“To finish this style, it’s important that the fringe looks as smooth and straight as possible to enhance the shape of the fringe. When styling your hair at home make sure you blow-dry your hair super straight and smooth over with hot irons before applying a serum or hair oil to smooth down any frizz and flyaway hairs and to give a smooth and shiny appearance. ”


“Let’s keep it simple” says Brian ‘Leo’ McCallum, owner of Roar Hair and Beauty.   “Fringes rock and a fringe can make or break a look.   Right now, my favourite look is a “curtain bang” (we need to use the word bangs more in the UK, I love it!).    Curtain bangs are great for most face shapes but it’s the length of the ‘bangs’ that makes the difference for any fringe.   To simplify – long face = longer fringe to shorten the length of the face.   Short face = short fringe to lengthen the face shape.   When it comes to face shape, an oval is perfect for anything – go wild!


“Although beautiful fringes are a big statement, they can also reduce the length of your face which means your face shape has to be considered”, says Philip Bell of Ishoka Hair & Beauty.   “Having a picture of your favourite celebrity is ok but be prepared to adjust it to your face shape.   Just because it’s a full fringe doesn’t mean it has to look heavy.   Careful layering and texturising can create a softness and encourage movement in say a curved fringe.   Cutting your fringe a bit wider can really open up your face so that you don’t look ‘swamped’ by your hair.   Avoid an overly rounded fringe if your face is round to begin with.   Short choppy fringes are a favourite of mine and I also think the Claudia Winkleman fringe will be popular.”

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