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A revolutionary 10 product haircare range launches from female Hair Boss Lisa Shepherd, to bring the salon experience home and keep your hair healthy.

The Hair Boss collection has been created by Shepherd, the most awarded and profiled hair colourist in the UK today, to introduce a range to love and care for your hair in the same way you would for your skin.   Each product has been developed using Lisa’s years of expertise to combat every day, real-life hair problems, in the most simple an effective way.  The range is 100% British, vegan and cruelty free with individually selected sensory-friendly ingredients, treating busy women on the go to strong, beautiful and healthy hair every single day.

The Hair Boss product range has been designed as a 4 step regime and the best part of of every woman’s beauty regime.

From the very glorious Scalp Scrub – that helps to clean the scalp of product build up, leaving it ready for a daily cleansing routine to a range of cleansers for virgin (non-coloured), overworked hair to a Balayage shampoo that has a dual action formula that cleanses the scalp whilst conditions the ends of the hair.

When it comes to condition – treats are at hand from hair structure repair masks, overnight treatments, body building foams, bond restorers or the truly fabulous Double Hair Mask the ultimate SOS.

Check out the Overnight Repair Serum and oil and moisture-rich serum that replenishes hair and replaces essential vitamins that offer a deep, moisturised hair treatment.

Post cleansing/styling there is also a terrific trio to try that will add an extra TLC and reach those ultimate hair goals.   The Scalp Tonic – rebalances the scalp’s ecosystem and helps reduce dandruff and sebum,  The Semi Permanent Shine Spray that smooths the cuticle or The Anti Static Shine Spray – which both neutralises whilst adding shine to the hair.

Check out THE HAIR BOSS at   available from Asos and Superdrug nationwide.

If you have a question for Lisa check her out on COLOUR BAR.

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