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If you are still struggling with those tongs – look no further!   And how do you achieve those glorious waves as opposed to crunchy curls?     Here, our very fabulous multi-award winning hairdresser Joseph l’Anson shows us how to achieve The It Girl Wave.  “There are a few things to take into consideration before styling your hair, the most important being, choose the right kit”, says Joseph.

Heat Protection Spray

Small Curl Barrel

Fine toothed Comb

Hair clips

Shine Spray or Hairspray

STEP 1 It’s so important to make sure you are protecting your hair with a good heat protection spray such as Revlon Style Masters Lissaver 1 Temporary Straightener and Heat Protector Spray 150ml £6.25.  Mist each individual section depending on the condition, texture and thickness of your hair.

STEP 2   Using a fine toothed comb,  smooth out the hair before you place each section into the barrel. If you don’t do this and put the hair into the barrel of your hair curlers without smoothing the hair first, you’re going to create a hot frizzy mess!  I’m using the Mark Hill Pick ‘N’ Mix Small Curl barrel £16.99 at Boots.

STEP 3 Once the curl has been formed it is important to secure your style in place to set.

STEP 4 If you don’t want your hair to be crispy and hard pay attention!   For hair that moves start by spraying the hair with the a no hold shine spray like Revlon Style Masters Glamourama rrp £20.75, this give a wonderful shine to the hair and helps define the waves to help show off that texture!  I then finish off with a light hold hair spray which I mist all over the hair rather than spraying direct at one spot!  The Revlon Style Master Modular 2 hairspray is perfect for this rrrp £19.39.

You can find Joe and enjoy a one to one at the Mark Leeson salon in Mansfield, telephone:  01623 622283.    Follow Joseph l’Anson on Instagram josephianson

Image courtesy of:  Mark Leeson   @markleesonsalons

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