The Love Island 2022 Final with Ryan Steedman

by Hair Magazine

It’s finally here – The Love Island 2022 final! The kit is packed, brushes are poised and ready to tame the hair that hasn’t been touched in nearly 2 months, get me into that villa! I met the girls on their very first day, so it’s going to be nice to reconnect after all this time.

To help the day run smoothly we split the girls into different time slots, along with a team of experts I am ready to help get the girls glam for the final. With Sarah Exley on makeup, Camillat Mashaun doing Indiyah’s hair and Tariq Howes on men’s hair.

First up in my chair is Tasha, once we chat and see the dress its clear it has to be Hollywood glam. Middle parting chic bun taking inspo from Bella Hadid.
I blow out the hair with my GHD helios and a round brush, prepping with volume sprays and smoothing sprays. Once the hair is prepped I run over it with a GHD Max straighter to get that sleek finish. Splitting the hair into two, I put the lower part into a ponytail and then section into a middle parting and take the rest of the top section and add it to the ponytail. I use hairspray and shine spray to get it super sleek and glossy. I then take the pony, wrap it around and pin it in to create a bun. Leaving the ends out I run the straightens over it and secure with hairspray. One last mist of shine spray and some gel around the hairline and Tasha was movie star ready.

Second up was Gemma, after seeing Gemma’s gorgeous white dress we knew it had to be a simple but sexy down look with waves, taking inspo from the likes of JLO. Blow-drying the hair with root sprays and smoothing sprays, using a large GHD round brush and my GHD helios hairdryer. Once smoothed with volume I added in some clip ins using Beauty Works shade ‘Raven’ only around the hairline. Then I tong the hair with two different sized GHD tongs ‘classic curl’ and ‘soft curl’ sizes, by alternating between them and different directions you’re going to keep that effortless effect. Once all curled, I combed through the hair with a GHD detangling comb to keep the shape but get some air into it. I then finish with a dry volume spray around the hair line and the parting and a dry texture spray throughout the ends.

Last but definitely not least was the winner of the show Ekin-su. This is the look everyone has gone crazy for and the one you have all been waiting for! First, it helps that Ekin-su’s hair is amazing on its own. I saw she was wearing the beautiful, tasseled flapper styled dress, so I thought let’s create a modern take on a finger wave. I blow-dried her hair with oils and smoothing sprays using a natural bristle brush and my GHD helios hairdryer. I then added some beauty works clip ins in the shade ‘honey blonde’ to make the color pop. Once her hair is smoothed and prepped, I take my GHD platinum plus and smooth out the hair line and parting. I then started at the back of the head with my GHD platinum plus and created an S shaped wave – this can be difficult to do on yourself but with time it gets easier! I did this on her whole head and then to add more volume and width I used a triple barrel waver from beauty work and worked it around the front section and then around the top layer to add more width. I finished off with the product “pop in lock” by colour wow and then secured everything in place with hairspray and salt spray.

Thank you so much, for all of the positive feedback I hope you all enjoyed the looks and follow my Instagram @ryansteedmanhair to see more looks and what I get up to next!

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