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The pixie hair cut is coming back in a big way but not as you’d expect! 


“As well as having the regularly trendy north London hipster requesting the timeless pixie, I look forward to seeing a huge resurgence in popularity for many of my clients in the 50-70 age group!” says Rudi Rizzo of Mr Rizzo, London.


After almost a year in Lockdown, working from home, restaurants and bars closed, any form of a social life is sadly becoming a distant memory, therefore the priority of maintaining ones appearance slowly moves down the list of necessities.  However, this period of rest from social engagements has resulted in a new trend!


Many clients are now also embracing their natural colour, and they are seeing for the first time actually how healthy and beautiful their natural hair is! As a result of these super long roots I am expecting an increasing number of silver into dark brown natural Baylayage’s (grown out bobs with huge roots),  a sight only the inside of a hat wants to see.  This leave us with one huge problem but remedied with a simple soloution! Enter the Pixie!


The pixie cut utilises strength of natural grey hair, which is usually more coarse, to its advantage as it works beautifully when cut with lots of texture! 

And the most rewarding thing is how vast the change you will experience!  To add an additional dynamic (and to alleviate the ‘shock’)  Rudi recommends opting for a new, more playful colour bath to make you  ready to take on whatever 2021 has to throw at you!
Image courtesy of  Leonardo Rizzo @ Sanrizz for Alter Ego.

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