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‘Think Jennifer Anniston Cindy Crawford, Kirsty Alley, Alicia Silverstone- all rocked the 90’s blow out! But it’s back and bigger than before to kick some ass as we are now reaching for our Velcro and Heated Rollers to recreate this vintage look! Oh lawd!!’ Says Maria Ianiri of the Maria Grazia salon in Bedford.

The big bouncy blow is here to stay- so ditch the straighteners and switch it up by using round brushes instead.

To create the big bouncy blow of the 90’s follow these simple steps to get the on trend look!

First you need to prep those locks – I recommend using Revlon Professional Re/Start Volume Magnifying Shampoo this will gently create body in your hair texture perfectly prepping your hair for this look.

Follow up using the Revlon Style Masters must have Modular Mousse-it’s beautifully light like a whipped cream. The whipped mousse will provide lift body and volume to the hair fibres.

Then apply Modular mousse to the roots and mid-lengths and divide your hair into sections and blow dry each sections over a round brush then replace the brush with a Velcro roller.

Once you have a full head of Velcro Rollers, allow to cool for 10minutes before applying flexible hairspray. I recommend Revlon Professional Style Masters Volume Spray. Allowing your hair to cool will lock the shape and set.

Gently remove the rollers and dress out using a hair rake I recommend Pompadour. Finish styling your hair to the desire.

A big bouncy blow will last you days! If you don’t have the time though to spend blow drying each section of hair, you can invest in heated rollers and these can be fairly inexpensive. I love BaByliss heated rollers at around £48 for 30 pieces you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re stuck for time. They come with easy to use clips that claw around the rollers, and you can have a full set applied in about 15minutes. Use after washing and drying your hair as this is when the hair will take to the heat and while it is still setting. I like to install my heated rollers before I apply my make up and allow the rollers to completely cool to get the best results.



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