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The biggest hair trend we have seen evolve is the BOB, due we feel at HAIR to the fact that the  general consensus (ourselves included), is our need to sharpen up.  If you, like us have been working from home – we’ve forgotten what uncomfortable shoes feel like!  And we are desperate to don our lippy and structured clothing once again.  In line with that, the hair bands/bungees are going back in the drawer and we want to tighten up our tresses too.

‘It really depends if you are feeling a bit adventurous or going for ‘just a trim’’, says award winning super-stylist, Danilo Giangreco from his salon base in Chelsea.  ‘If you are thinking about a bob – ask your stylist to advise you on suitability, he/she will consider your face shape, length of your neck and be able to assess your desired result, after all ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’, as I quote Coco Chanel.  This photo shows a bob cut well below the models jawline and I layered a side fringe, creating a soft, wearable look.’

Danilo is keen to point out that once they leave his salon with a pristine bob  it is essential that the right products at home.  ‘Its important to use a good shampoo, conditioner but also to add a primer to the hair before blow-drying.  Other than that a bob is a low-maintenance haircut – it’s the perfect cut if you want medium length hair that air-dries into a messy-chic look or can be styled quickly with a straightening iron or create a few loose curls with a curling iron.’

Bob haircuts are eternal, rarely go out of fashion, there’s the LOB – long bob,  WOB – weavy bob the list goes on.  And believe us – its easy – on our unslick days it gives you the flexibility to restyle, reinvent.

Follow Danilo Giangreco on Instagram danilohairboutique.   If you would like your hair to celebrate the trend and get it cut into a bob – HAIR MAGAZINE team have bagged an appointment with Mr Giangreco at his Chelsea based salon.  All you need to do is subscribe to HAIR, follow us on Instagram at hairmagazine and direct message us saying why you’d love to have an appointment with Danilo.  The winner will be advised on March 31st, 2021  – terms and conditions apply.

Image courtesy of Danilo Giangreco @ Danilo Hair Boutique

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