Tips to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh at festivals

By Hair Expert Alice Dawkins at Milk + Blush

by Hair Magazine

Are you off to a festival this summer? We have some expert tips from Alice Dawkins at Milk + Blush

It’s summer which means one thing – festival season is back!

With hundreds of UK festivals offering overnight camping options for extended periods of time, attendees have grown accustomed to slumming it for a few days to see their favourite artists.

And while it might not seem like the most glamorous setting, there are many ingenious hacks you can try to stay looking fresh.

Here’s a day-by-day festival hair survival guide to ensure your locks look camera-ready throughout:

Before the festival

Don’t take the time before setting off for granted, as this could be your last chance to wash your hair.

To lock in moisture, apply a hair mask the night before and leave it as late as possible to wash your mane.

Ensure the water is at a medium-warm temperature, avoid any products containing harsh chemicals like silicones, apply conditioner to the lower half of your hair only and steer clear of using any heavy oils or serums to stop it from getting greasy quickly.

At the start

Starting off with the luxury of showers and electricity, this is the best opportunity to let your locks hang loose.

Save updos for later and keep your hair down, curling it for extra volume or straightening it for that sleek and shiny look. Clip-in hair extensions are also great for anyone looking to add length and get creative with styles.

Place your hair off your face and stop it from coming into contact with oils from your face or getting in your way whilst dancing.

Before you go to bed, spray dry shampoo on a flat brush and gently comb through your hair evenly to allow the product to absorb any grease and tie it up loosely to avoid tangles. If wearing extensions, forget to brush and store them in a cool, dry container to keep them in good condition.


Midway point

How your hair looks on the second or third day is generally due to your hair type and how well-trained it is to last between washes.

If your hair is in pretty good condition, work with volume gained overnight to create a loose hairstyle, perhaps teasing the hair to hide any grease buildup around the roots.

If you have fine hair, this might be the time to introduce a half-up style. As festivals are all about that outdoorsy wow factor, try adding butterfly clips or baby braids around the front section for a cute look that keeps hair off your face.

Don’t forget to take your dry shampoo to the stages in case your hair needs a bit of TLC throughout the day.

The final stretch

By the final days, your hair may look a little lacklustre, so chances of rocking a loose look are relatively slim, leaving you with two options – embracing the grease or hiding it.

As hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days will be more malleable, this is the best time to embrace buildup and scrape it back into a high-ponytail, braids or high bun(s). For those with short hair, investing in a clip-in ponytail gives you extra styling options.

If you’d rather hide unwashed locks, accessories are your best friend. Style it out with a hat or bandana, or cover your roots in glitter for a fashionable look on the last day.

The aftermath

When it’s all over, you’ll want to give your hair some love to restore it to a healthy condition.

Rinse and repeat with a rich moisturising shampoo and conditioner containing ingredients like shea butter to tackle dryness, eradicate product buildup or glitter and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.

Rinsing with warm water will open the cuticles, deeply cleanse the hair and remove dirt.

Finally, apply a deep-conditioning hair repair mask to help get rid of matted hair or stubborn knots, working it through the mid-lengths to ends of your hair with a wide-tooth comb and leave it to soak in for 5-20 minutes, or wrap it in a towel or hair turban and leave overnight if desired.





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