Top tips for injecting life and volume into your locks

Comments by Alice Dawkins, Hair Expert at Milk + Blush

by Hair Magazine


Do you have fine, flat hair? Here are some top tips for injecting life and volume into your locks.

“Pinterest searches for ‘fine flat hair’ have increased by 60 percent in the last month and a whopping 2,500 percent since last year. Popular pins include all kinds of tips and tricks to help people with fine locks, from cuts and styles to volumising hacks. But why has there been a rise in people looking to combat limp and lifeless locks recently?

The answer largely lies in the weather conditions. Cold weather can be a nightmare for fine hair, which can be particularly affected by the cold and dry climate. Dry air can be harsh on more delicate locks, and the absence of moisture may cause it to lose its natural bounce and volume, which leaves it more susceptible to breakage and static.

Equally, indoor conditions at this time of year have the same effect, as central heating systems reduce the humidity levels in your home, which, alongside outdoor conditions, may naturally flatten hair.

In cold weather, many of us will also be wearing scarves, hats, and thick clothing, which can compress hair, especially fine locks, and leave it looking flat and dull. Collectively, these circumstances can be a nightmare for fine hair, which may be left looking and feeling lifeless and brittle.

To combat this, it is important to adjust your haircare routine to inject volume and body back into lifeless locks.
You may be using the wrong products for the current weather conditions, so consider switching out your products for ones that include hydrating and moisturising ingredients.
Products containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil are great options, as these will rehydrate your scalp and lengths and leave hair looking and feeling bouncy and shiny.

Heavy products will also weigh hair down and naturally reduce volume, so swap thick creams, pomades and hairsprays for lightweight serums, mousses, and sprays. You might also need to consider changing how you style your hair, as this may be working against your mane instead of with it. Excessive heat styling will only dehydrate hair by stripping away moisture to leave it looking limp and frizzy.

Instead, only use heat where necessary and use the right techniques to naturally inject volume at the root for lifted strands. When drying freshly washed damp hair, use a large round brush and a hairdryer on a low to medium setting to create width and volume around the top of the head. If your hair is still looking flat, you may be overdue a much-needed trim or style change. Long fine hair that lacks layers can be weighed down which reduces root volume, so it is best to refresh it with a cut. Shorter cuts with plenty of layers are best, as this will inject width and volume and add definition to facial features. Bobs, lobs, and bangs are all suitable lengths and cuts that can revive fine hair.

Alternatively, a great way to increase thickness and volume is to add in some hair extensions. If you’re unsure about extensions or want to try them out before committing to semi-permanent options, try clip-in extensions. Clip-ins are easy to apply and remove and can give you a better idea of how extensions can look. If you like the look, you can explore professional extensions. For fine hair, tape-in and nano-tip extensions are best, as they are gentle on hair and don’t add much weight. Make sure to consult a professional stylist about hair extensions, as qualified extension specialists will be able to give you the best advice and provide more information about application, care, and removal.”






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