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With winter almost upon us and the colder and often wet weather can make hair dry, brittle and frizzy. With that in mind, there’s several ways you can Weatherproof Your Hair to keep it looking and feeling in the best condition possible, including…

A smoothing treatment – there are so many benefits to having a smoothing treatment in the salon. Not only will it reduce frizz but it also prevents colour fade and it will improve the manageability, shine and condition of your hair.

“At RUSH we use the Nano Keratin Smoothing Treatment and this can give up to six months of smooth and healthy hair – a great service to invest in at this time of year to see you through the full winter season. This service also helps to protect the hair from damaging environmental sources and keeps hair strong and healthy. Autumn/winters cold, dry air can make hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage, therefore these services are a great way to give your hair some extra TLC and protection”, says Tina Farey, Rush Editorial Director.

“As your hair is left with a smooth finish, this will also allow you to leave it as it is, without the need for any daily heated styling. You can give your hair a break from excess heat that leads to further damage being done to your hair. Your hair will be left frizz free, smooth and ready for the weather.

At RUSH we also offer an Express Smoothing Treatment, perfect for those who want to keep their hair in tip top condition, but do not have time to spare. This treatment includes a Reactive Smoother being applied in the salon to help restructure the hair and leave it soft and smooth. This is left for 10-25 minutes before being blow-dried. The hair is then washed with a Reactive Shampoo and a Reinvent Insulator is applied before the hair is styled.

This three step treatment works to not only smooth the hair, it adds shine and enhances and prolongs the life of your colour service, helping protect your hair from damaging environmental sources including humidity, salty water, UV rays and anti-dryness.

Being an express service this is a great treatment for busy mums or professionals, those who are gym obsessed and also for those who hate styling their hair or that want to always have their hair looking immaculate. Whatever Smoothing treatment you decide we know your hair will thank you for it, looking smooth, sleek and healthy whatever the weather.

Another option to keep your hair looking fabulous for longer and ensuring it is protected from the elements is a professional blow-dry – although for most of us getting a professional blow-dry seems like a treat, it’s a treat that’s long-lasting and that will help to keep your hair looking good, smooth and shiny for longer than your average at home blow-dry.

A professional blow-dry when looked after can last for days, with little to no styling needing to be done to your hair. You can simply give your hair a soft brush through, add some hair oil for extra gloss and bounce and you’re good to go.

Having a blow-dry by a professional stylist will help you to achieve added volume and shine in your hair and a silky soft touch that you would not be able to achieve at home – it’s all in the stylist using their blow-drying techniques and salon quality products on the hair that deliver more luxurious results.

To give your professional blow-dry even more longevity, on day one you can wear it bouncy, day two you can style it into a half up half down style, day three you can wear it in a ponytail and day four, just before it’s time to hair wash at home, you can style it into a low slung bun or a topknot. Wearing your hair in these different styles across the four days will allow you to go longer without washing and when your hair does start to look or feel oily, you can even mist in some dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil whilst also giving your hair volume.

If styling your hair at home, make sure you are using professional products in your home hair care is essential during autumn/winter to keep hair in its most pristine condition and keep those nasty elements at bay.

Speak to your hairdresser as they will give you advice on the best products to use. You should of course look at purchasing salon quality shampoos, conditioners and hair masks/treatments to keep your hair nourished at home, but you should also look at the tools you are using at home on your hair too. Your stylist will be able to advise you which are the best tools to use for a professional finish.

I love to advise my clients to use a big round brush with soft bristles. This is not only gentler on the hair, but is great for giving the hair a volumised blow-dry look at home, encouraging movement and bounce within the hair and giving the hair extra shine.

A heat protection should also not be forgotten about in the autumn/winter months. This will help to retain moisture in the hair that can be lost from the cold weather and minimise frizz before heated styling with a hairdryer or heated styling iron. L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Blow-Dry Fluidifier is a great option, which protects up to 230 degrees whilst also nourishing and smoothing the hair.”

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Oil is another one of my autumn/winter must haves for weatherproofing the hair. This product can help extend the life of an at home blow-dry and keep any styling such as loose waves intact for longer, whilst giving the hair further nourishment, vibrancy and a glossy look,”

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