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What is Oyster Grey…?
Charles Dawson, Stylist at the Blue Tit Streatham salon in London tells us why this is the tone of the moment …
Oyster Grey is a beautiful cool tone that contains similar pigments to silver, however there is much more depth, it’s a real statement! The bright whitish grey colour is designed to mimic the lining of an oyster shell that has the beautiful multi-tones of pure iridescent pearl hair. The shimmers and textures of natural white/grey hair has been inspired to create Oyster Grey, pure pearl perfection”

Why is Oyster Grey having a moment?
Oyster Grey is having a moment because during the pandemic a lot of women have seen how beautiful their natural grey tones can be, I find a lot more women like Michelle Visage have embraced it and used this to their advantage. Grey hair was once covered as it shows signs of ageing and women wanted to cover this, however in this day and age where natural beauty is celebrated, grey hair has trended worldwide to allow women to be authentic without having to hide their natural colour. It’s timeless beauty, grey hair should not be shunned because grey hair is gorgeous and natural and should forever be celebrated.

Does this colour require a lot of maintenance?
“Oyster Grey is indeed a high maintenance colour but perfection does require maintenance. Washing your hair with colour water allows the cuticles in the hair to stay flat and not stress the hair, which can result in colour fade. Heat tools, used incorrectly or overused, can burn the hair and cause discolouration. Silver/blue shampoos are great at maintaining the colour at home as they contain colour pigments to neutralise any unwanted warm tones.”

How a stylist would transform hair, from a blonde to oyster grey?
“As a hairstylist I would always analyse the hair to determine whether this is a compatible colour for your hair. If your hair has been previously coloured with dark pigments it’s very difficult to get the result straight away, but if you persist and follow the main rules of hair care it may be possible. Naturally dark hair would have to be lifted with bleach more than once – the undertones of the hair will overpower any corrective toners trying to create the perfect oyster grey shade. The hair lightening process needs to be done correctly in order to not ruin the hair. Olaplex is a fantastic way to protect and rebuild. Neutralisation is magic, every stylist should examine the hair once lifted and then decide if it needs more blue/ purple/ iridescent pigment because the same toner doesn’t work for everyone so trust your stylist to give you the bespoke colour perfect for your hair to create Oyster Grey.”

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