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Our industry has a lot of potential to become more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact. We have some tips from Lois Mant owner of Our Best Sustainable Salon Winner Muse Hairdressing in Salisbury.

When creating the Muse salon concept it was important that sustainability was at the core using reclaimed floor boards for decor to plastic free tea on our drinks menus. It continues to be my passion, breaking through Green Washing to make the right choices, this is not only a core value of ours at Muse it is also increasingly important to our clients. They love supporting a brand that makes every effort to be sustainable and this has a positive impact on our community.

We face a lot of challenges in our industry from chemicals to local councils not taking our contaminated waste for recycling.

Here are some things to start to look at in your business to improve your carbon footprint and do good for the environment.

Using sustainable hair care, we make sure that all of our suppliers follow our ethos. Our clients benefit from our popular refill station. Returning empty’s and receive discount for refilling all of our essential hair care shampoos & conditioners.

Go paperless, using a booking system reduces paper and our clients love to manage bookings online too. We swapped to QR codes in salon with links to our drinks menus, offers, upgrades and digital magazines to save paper.

Switching to renewable energy has a huge impact on the environment and is more and more competitive price wise too!

Reduce water consumption with eco shower heads they improve pressure and reduce consumption by up to 65%.

Recycling all of our salon waste has a great impact and our clients love to hear how their hair can be used to soak up oil spills or help grow food! And that excess colour can generate electricity! Foil can take 400 years to break down in landfill so it’s so important it is recycled correctly.

We reduce as much as possible, but we also offset the emissions our team uses to travel to work when walking isn’t possible.


Check out some of the small details easy switches like locally sourced coffee, plastic free tea and toilet roll that’s free of plastic, sent and ink. We also use cleaning products that can be refilled at our local refill shop.

Clients are increasingly placing importance on sustainability and supporting brands that make the effort. we can lead the way towards a more sustainable and conscious future, adopting eco-friendly practices, continually learning and adopting better practices.


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